Lean Out and Connect the Dots

You can connect the dots to create the future.

Hi, I’m Susie Wyshak, native Californian and avid promoter and consumer of good food and optimal life experiences.

Someone once told me “You always know about the things that make life worth living.” That little statement helped me connect the dots to realize that’s what I do: connect the dots. All connecting the dots is is strategy, which is what I’ve done my whole career and whole life. Now I want to share this with you out there in Internet-land.

Susie Wyshak’s Optimal Living Projects

Along with an assortment of brilliant cohorts, I’m Epicuring - Discover the best California food events and culinary adventuresactively involved in:

  • Copywriting and strategy for all sorts of business creating good in their own ways
  • Creating books and tools for optimal living and thinking, both for adults and kids (intentionally vague!)
  • Writing, consulting and speaking about Good Food business and trends (see my Nutty Fig blog)
  • Epicuring / California, philosophy and lifestyle for food obsessed people who Live to Eat and Love to Learn
  • The Good Food Awards on the Confections Committee, and as a volunteer or media at other Bay Area food festivals
  • Helping people live their dreams through my Will Coach for Change super quick outcome-focused coaching and inspirational Facebook community

Learn to connect the dots by example

Through upcoming books and the Dot Connections you’ll learn dot-connecting strategies based on my own experiences, like how I was able to…

  • take surfing lessons in Brazil, with the entire trip costing less than it would have to take lessons in the U.S., overcoming my fear of drowning.
  • get jobs at the hottest Internet companies in marketing.
  • create a dynamic bucket list website blog that’s led to amazing synchronicity and lasting friendships with members.
  • land a book deal on my first try.
  • buy an income property without having a job (and I’m not an Internet gazillionaire).
  • keep my sanity while helping our parents adjust to life’s inevitable changes.
  • meet amazing people every day by overcoming my shyness to make talking to strangers a cornerstone of my happy life.

Learn more about my projects and my unapologetic passion for life and helping people achieve happiness:

Let’s Chat!

I’d love to hear from you, whether you have a food company, love good food, need a coach to help you Connect the Dots to get what you want out of life or find out what’s stopping you. Let’s lean out into the fabulously wild world!