Writing the Future Story of Your Life

After reading The Story of Your Life: Becoming the Author of Your Experience – a fantastic book for anyone who is especially into story telling (books or movies) or writing – it hit me that goal setting and envisioning your goals is just that: writing your future life story.

The book points out that your life has plots, characters, situations, and that you have the power to keep telling these stories or you can try to re-write your story and how you look at life.

Especially if certain life list goals you have seem unrealistic, look at them in terms of a story with you playing the main character.

Perhaps the more exciting the story and the more you can visualize it will indicate that hmmm maybe it’s the right thing?

This article from author Donald Miller on his revelation about telling your story rather than setting resolutions. (I  think the two go hand in hand. Telling your story creates the vision, then break it down into goals.)

What life story telling tools do you enjoy using?

A few I’ve heard of are:

  • Your obituary
  • Your autobiography
  • FutureMe (where you write a letter to your future self)
  • Describing your future self in great detail, but in the present tense