Top 15 Mysteries of the Mind and Life

Doing what you want in life is a complicated proposition. You need the mental state to figure out what you want. The tenacity, creativity, and will to do whatever it is.

Live Science’s list of 10 mysteries of the mind didn’t include several life mysterious that I think relate to our minds. And so I present:

5 More Unexplained Mysteries of Life

  1. Fear of making granola
    granola“I want to make the granola that’s in the Sunset Magazine,” I told my friend, secretly excited that I finally would be doing something so small that I’d put on my life list two years ago.

    “I’ve always wanted to make granola too!” She replied (not purposely quoting the great SuperViva tshirts). We committed together to make it.

    Recipes are simply following directions much like house or car repairs. Yet in the back of my mind I wondered:
    What if I don’t like the granola.
    What if it doesn’t stick together the way I want.
    What if I eat it all!

    We’ve decided to have a granola-off and make various recipes at once. Make your goals fun.

  2. Synchronicity and coincidence
    Why do you bump into people while you’re thinking about them? Or get a job offer as soon as you decide to get a job? Some call it the law of attraction. Whatever it is, this is one mystery I’d like explained. (Here are some of my weird stories.)
  3. Life choices
    Why do we do stuff we don’t want to do? We’re of free will after all.

    Recently a friend ranted that her college boyfriend’s childhood dream was to have a truck and two dogs named Bubba and Gus. Today he has a big house, several kids, and no truck or dogs. She (a psychologist) thinks he merely got off track and never got back on.

    Why does this happen? If I knew that answer I’d be on the talk show circuit. So instead I’ll refer you to Dr. Phil’s 10 Life Laws which are great tools to help you re-condition yourself.

  4. The Car Mechanic Syndrome
    How come when you have a car problem and bring it to the shop, the problem goes away?
  5. Color Perception
    How do I know that the way I see blue is the way you see it, and that your “blue” isn’t my yellow? Does this explain the way some people dress?

What mysteries of the mind boggle your mind?