Simplify Your Life : Simply Pay Attention

Last week I spent many minutes searching for a place to drop off a UPS package. In multiple Google searches, UPS’ site didn’t come up. A variety of “random” pages came up pointing me to drop boxes and UPS franchised locations, none in my immediate area.

Today as I walked down the block just steps from the entrance to my office building, there an old UPS drop box sat, merely 50 paces from the front door. I’d walked by that corner at least 50 times and never noticed the box.

Several years ago in New York, I was searching for a specific bagel shop on my phone. When I looked up, it was directly across the street from me.

Your assignment: If you’re looking for something, try getting off the phone, off the computer and into the world. Even — gasp — ask people on the street for answers. Please report your results! 🙂

Look for the signs