Rekindle a Relationship by Looking to the Past and Future

The Oakland Museum of California asked the public to full out a survey to learn what works and the survey filler outer’s vision for the museum in the next decade.

As a fallen member but with warm fuzzy feelings about the museum, the question helped me analyze what brings me to the museum and what makes it not be top of mind…or worthy of a membership. By the time I’d finished my essay about how I love the museum (which has the coolest interactive features, in depth California history exhibits and fun community engagement) and outlined my vision for an amazing future, I knew I need to support the museum to become even better.

I’ve heard advice that couples needing to rekindle their relationships should think back to what first attracted them to each other, to clear out those sticky cobwebs and complications that can develop over time and through life. Recently someone told me her friend called and said “I’m leaving Bob!” The friend said “Wait! Let me try talking to you.” In ONE session she saved the marriage. I’m not sure what she did. But if you are going through relationship issues and have a goal to do the right thing in 2013, look to these simple techniques to help you decide — and move on with your life, one way or another.

While renewing a membership is a whole lot easier than repairing a relationship, I now see how that question can quickly make a difference. Much like repairing a relationships, that first step can be the toughest: getting up to get my credit card to pay for my museum membership.

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    1. I know- I’m dying to know what they talked about!
      I asked but didn’t get an answer. Will try to find out again.

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