Rediscover Life’s Magic by Talking to Strangers

I’m in a cafe and hear these three guys talking about shipping kilns and how their container is held up at the port, due to some customs snafu.

Only moments earlier I’d been driving across the San Francisco Bay Bridge with some visitors, pointing out those very same container ships that transport cargo around the globe.

Put Yourself On the Line, Risking Rejection, Risking Being Perceived as Rude

Curiosity got the best of me. That’s not hard to do, since I believe and have experienced that talking to strangers leads to magic.

“I couldn’t help overhearing,” I said, explaining how I was just wondering what was in those containers.

Well it turned out this guy was setting up a new ceramics making facility. I asked, “For Heath Ceramics?” Yes. My enthusiasm delighted him no end, which delighted me.

We had some other major connections which slip my mind, a good reminder to write down magical synchronicity (aka coincidence) right when it happens. All I know is this delightful morning and connection will remain in my mind, giving me the warm fuzzies, every time I come to this cafe in San Francisco.

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