Paint the Perfect Future By Projecting Forward to Backtrack

painting a door blueWhen one door gets painted wrong…

There I am painting a beautiful new wood door with the bright blue that seems to be my theme lately. I’m clad in an old sweatshirt, I’ve cleverly turned inside out so the paint gets on the inside instead of outside, so I can still wear the sweatshirt out with a semblance of neatness.

I’m leaning up against the door, seeing smears of blue on the sweatshirt, when it occurs to me: Why didn’t I wear one of the many aprons that have accumulated from all the cooking events I go to. A vision of a drawer stacked with aprons I somehow never remember to wear while cooking taunted me. There again I didn’t remember the aprons before painting.

When planning for any event in life, whether a big trip or painting a door, stepping through the motions is key to planning the most streamlined, error-free experience.

As I touched up the door to fill in some blanks, thinking of how I should have stepped forward through the painting job, a bunch of little dots jumped out at me. Oh, I forgot to dust the door which had been sitting out for a couple days after I primered it.

Another door opens…

If I were my painter friend, I’d sand it down and re-coat.

If I were me, I’d think: I’m adding another coat and that area is near the bottom of the door, which will be in a dark hallway. No one will notice and my priority is getting the job done. The next coat of paint will cover the little specks, for the most part.

And next time, I’ll project ahead and make sure I go through the steps rather than winging it. Winging it is sometimes good, but a little planning goes a long way. (The idiom here would be “Haste makes waste.”)

A good lesson remembered, and all before 9am.

Come see my door sometime and judge for yourself! Or see some really good blue doors.