Brainstorm Your Goals

Rent My Mind and Reach Your Goals

It’s a known, well documented fact that brainstorming and working with others generates much better results than solving problems on your own.

Tap into my notoriously creative, multi-faceted mind for occasional brainstorming help you in any number of areas:

  • Ideas for goals and how to reach them – even if you’re short on money and time
  • How to meet new people
  • Where to live
  • Small business marketing or product ideas
  • Business development partnership ideas
  • Internet marketing ideas and strategy
  • Money making ideas
  • Interesting gift ideas
  • How to handle a situation

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

How Renting My Mind Works

  • Pricing: It’s $50 per half-hour of email or chat time. (That’s less than a massage and a lot more lasting!) Pricing by a set number of detailed ideas is also available.
  • Brainstorm is by email or IM exchange, or by Skype-to-Skype calls (no guarantee when I’d be available on IM or Skype though!)
  • Use your time any time during a 30-day period.
  • I’ll tell you upfront if your topic might not fit with my knowledge or brainstorm-ability.

Want to know more about me?
Here’s an article about a public brainstorming event I embarked on, in which you can also learn more about me.
Guarantee: If after 5 minutes or one email exchange you aren’t seeing value, and you want a refund, I’ll do it.

Example 5 Minute Brainstorm

Kevin got a job in Europe managing events for a large company. He had several weeks to travel and wanted ideas of what to do during that time. He also wanted to find people to travel with.

“Maybe I’ll stay at someone’s farm if they ask me,” he said.
I told him about WWOOF.

Then suggested that he look into event management companies and adventure tour companies, like Butterfield & Robinson, that he could meet with to look into more work.

His response: “That’s why I called you. You get the big picture. That never would have crossed my mind. You’re right on.”

And that’s the kind of thinking I can do for you!