Love Story Thanks to a Goals List

Happy new year!

Way to get 2011 off to a great start, a SuperViva member shared this story – which is not the first time I’ve heard about couples connecting by sharing their SuperViva lists!

I wanted to let you know that three years ago, when I met my boyfriend, SuperViva is one of the reasons we got together and still are to this day!

We immediately connected when we discovered how goal-oriented we each were as well as how similar many of our goals happened to be.  I shared my Life List with him on SuperViva and he has told me on several occasions since then that when I showed him my list, that’s what told him I was the one!  (So many people don’t have a list of goals and that impressed him.)

After a short time of doing the long-distance relationship thing, I moved from Wisconsin to Arizona to be with him – we’ve been together ever since and I even got to check off two of my goals: going to Arizona and living in a state other than Wisconsin!  🙂

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