Most Popular Ideas of Things to Do

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buy a house
Pay off all my debt
Get married
Go to Italy
ride in a hot air balloon
Write a book
Exercise 3 to 5 times per week
Go to Hawaii
Swim with dolphins
Get my Passport
Go to Paris
Visit the Grand Canyon
get a tattoo
Go skydiving
Fill a journal with inspiring quotes, lyrics, images
visit London
Have fun every day of my life
visit all 50 states
learn to drive a stick shift
Visit Ireland
see the aurora borealis
Stop procrastinating
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Own my own business
complete my degree
get rid of stuff and keep what matters
Go to Greece
donate blood
make a list of 100 things that make me happy
Lose 20 pounds
Go whale watching
run a marathon
Become more organized
Learn to play the guitar
Visit Australia and New Zealand
own a dog
exercise daily
Visit a rainforest.
Drive Across the USA
Learn CPR
Learn how to scuba dive
Learn to Surf
spend New Years Eve in New York
have $100,000 in savings
Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
stay in touch with people
Go to Egypt
travel the world
get an iPod
ride an elephant
feel more in control of my life
have a healthy baby
Organize and remove clutter from my home
Learn to speak Spanish fluently
visit Stonehenge
floss my teeth more often
visit Scotland
Research my Family Tree
learn to belly dance
make money being me
be a better friend
Learn sign language
Have six-pack abs
publish a book
Visit Machu Picchu
learn to snowboard
Read the top 100 novels of all time
Learn French
learn to knit
be a good mother
Meditate at least 3x/week
Drive Pacific Coast Highway.
eat lobster in Maine
go on a spiritual retreat
Pay for the car behind me at the toll booth
Have a photo of me in a newspaper story
road trip to Yellowstone
quit smoking
get my motorcycle license
tour the Hershey chocolate factory
white water raft in Colorado
experience weightlessness
learn Italian
Live in NYC
Nurture myself
Wear fancy clothes more often
swim in the Mediterranean at midnight
buy rental property
redecorate parts of my home
Meditate daily
have my make-up professionally done
Make a movie
Positively affect the lives of a billion people
complete a triathlon
enhance my Spanish speaking skills
be a motivational speaker
host of photography exhibit from my travels
Visit Crater Lake
learn to weld