221 Summer Ideas: A List from the Worldwide 1 Hour Brainstorm

go to the beach

This experiment was a “scholarly” look at how people’s minds work. How many goals would be in common? How many off the wall and totally unique? You’ll find lots of variation on beach, vacation, and ice cream themes. The common thing is most people seem to be happy with the simple pleasures of summer. That’s a good thing!

Here is the full list of ideas that 25 people came up with in an hour in my Mechanical Turk experiment. (Previously I looked at all the actions that relate to these ideas, which is kind of interesting. Looking at verbs by themselves can generate all kinds of new ideas.)

ideas for summer

bike to the library
build a large sand castle
build a lemonade stand
build a sandcastle
build a tree fort
buy some new music
catch fireflies
change sex
clean up my basement
climb Pike’s Peak cone
plant a new flower bed
cook a new recipe
cook with your kids
coordinate a baseball game
create a new cult with crazy rules and become famous on the web
create and finish a summer reading list
dance in the rain
do tourist-y things locally
drink frozen fruity cocktails
eat ice cream
eat ice cream in a waffle
experiment with new recipes
go boating
float down the lazy river on an inner tube
fly a kite
get a part time job
get divorced and have a party on the beach
get married and have honeymoon on a boat
go camping
go fishing
go for summer camps
go kayaking
go mini-golfing
go mountaineering
Go on a cruise in Mediterranean sea
Go on a hike
go on a picnic
go on an adventure tour
Go on vacation
go on vacation to the beach
go sailing
go tanning at a local park
go to a baseball game
go to a film festival
go to a hill station
Go to a spa
go to a sporting event
go to a water slide park
go to a wine tasting festival
go to an outdoor art fair
go to an outdoor concert
go to library storytime
go to local art fair
go to the beach
go to the farmers market
go to the flea market
go to the movies
go to the movies once a week
go to the state fair lie by the pool bike to the library eat ice cream visit the beach watch fireworks have a squirt gun fight go boating …
Go to the theater
go to the zoo
Go to Vacation Bible School
go visit relatives go fishing go to the beach go on a picnic take kids to the park play volleyball read a good book play a good computer ga…
grow a garden
have a block party
Have a bonfire
have a car wash
Have a family picnic
have a garage sale
have a guitar hero party
have a movie marathon
have a neighborhood party
have a picnic
have a picnic at the lake
have a pool party
have a squirt gun fight
have a water balloon fight
have a water fight
Have an outdoor wine sampling party
have sleep overs outside
have squirt gun/super soaker fights
Hike in the mountains
hiss at the villains in a wild west melodrama
hit the beaches
host a “fish fry” for your friends and neighbors
host a bake sale
host a cocktail party
Host an outdoor fondue party Start an outdoor exercise routine Go on a hike Have a bonfire Visit a local water park Have an outdoor wine sampling party Go…
invite the neighbors over for burgers
join a summer camp of paleontology
join a swim team
join the Marines
jump through the sprinkler
learn a new language
learn a new sport
learn computers
learn driving
learn how to ride a bike
learn how to sail a boat
Learn more about Islam and Quran
learn new instruments
learn profanities in the principal languages
Learn the French language
learn to make artificial flowers
learn to play tennis
learn to ride a motorcycle
learn to surf
lie by the pool
lose weight
make a summer scrapbook
make fruit popsicles
make homemade ice cream
make our own fourth of July parade camp at a national park
make Popsicles
make sand sculptures
organize a block party
organize a mega garage sale
Participate on a recreational sports team
perform volunteer work
pick flowers
pick fresh fruit/berries and eat them until you burst
picnic at park
plant a flower garden
plant a garden
plant a vegetable garden
play a good computer game
play at water park
play basketball go kayaking ride bicycles grow a garden visit a new city read new books cook with your kids watch classic movies go…
play catch
play in a sandbox
play in the sprinkler
play indoor games
play volleyball
play water volleyball in the pool
play with water guns
raise a puppy
read a bestseller
read a good book
read new books
read novels
Re-design my garden
rent a kayak
review what i took in school
ride “the big one” at a water slide park
ride a riverboat
ride a roller coaster
ride bicycles
ride horseback in the countryside
ride the bike path
roast marshmallows on a campfire
sell everything and start a 1 year travel around the world
sell lemonade
send my kids to summer camp
shop on Michigan Avenue in Chicago
sing at a festival
sleep late in the mornings
sleep outdoors under the stars
sleep overnight with friends
sleep under the stars
spend a day out
start a compost heap
start a seller activity on Ebay
Start an outdoor exercise routine
swim in a local lake
swim in an outdoor pool
swim in lake camp
swim in the ocean
swing on the monkey bars
take a cooking class
take a cross-country road trip
take a hike in the woods
take a road trip
take archery lessons
take art classes
take cooking classes
take dance lessons
take kids to the park
take my kids to the beach
take piano classes
take Spanish lessons
take swimming lessons
take tennis lessons
teach 10 new words to my parrot
teach my kid to ride a bike
throw a neighborhood party for kids
throw a themed picnic
Travel abroad
travel to a theme park
try new summer time foods
try to establish a new Guinness record
visit 30 wineries
visit a foreign country
Visit a local water park
visit a new city
visit a spa
visit a water slide park
visit a wildlife preserve
visit all my family and friends
visit family members
visit local fairs
visit my relatives
visit nearby cities
visit the beach
visit the boy that bullied me at 7 and take revenge
visit the Grand Canyon
visit the zoo play baseball
volunteer as a hospital candy striper
go to a wine tasting festival
volunteer at a shelter
walk in park
Walk on the beach
walk to a park
walk to the beach
Watch a baseball game
watch all seasons of “Lost”
watch classic movies
watch fireworks
watch outdoor movie in park
water ski at your local lake
write a book and publish it on Lulu
make lemonadesell lemonaderead a good book
Garden and pick berries


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