43 Productive Things To Do If You’re Bored

comic woman making pie supervivaA longtime SuperViva Member wrote a list of things to do when you’re bored (maybe while she was bored). The list is a great start to being more productive, which inspired this list of things that will make you feel like you’re getting shit done.

  1. Read a book (not just the closest thing you have, but something you’ve been wanting to read)
  2. Write an entry for your blog
  3. Clean out your e-mail inbox
  4. Empty the dishwasher
  5. Clean out the fridge
  6. Do laundry (even if you don’t have very much; the “How Clean is Your House?” ladies recommend washing sheets at least once a week)
  7. Put away extraneous clothes, magazines, etc that are lying around
  8. Go through your clothes and donate the ones you don’t wear
  9. Go through your books and donate the ones you won’t read again
  10. Dust in those hard-to-reach areas
  11. Clean your car
  12. Walk the dog — or offer to walk someone else’s dog
  13. Go for a walk in a new direction
  14. Vacuum and mop till your floors sparkle
  15. Write letters to people who’d never expect to get a letter from you
  16. Work on your novel or other creative projects
  17. Plan your outfits for the upcoming week (also saves time later on)
  18. Find a new place to eat
  19. Get your favorite photographs framed
  20. Go grocery shopping and buy totally new items
  21. Volunteer for a day
  22. Organize your receipts so you don’t
  23. Exercise in a new way
  24. Read the newspaper…a paper newspaper
  25. File and / or  trash that everpresent pile of papers and mail
  26. Write a list of gift ideas for friends and family
  27. Paint
  28. Give away 25 things
  29. Make an elaborate dessert (something new you’ve never tried before)
  30. Invite people over for a theme dinner
  31. Plan a party where people donate money to give to one charity
  32. Write a letter to a politician
  33. Plant seeds
  34. Make cookies for a neighbor
  35. Learn how to do something you normally hire people to do
  36. Learn the words to a new song
  37. Brush up on your vocabulary
  38. Play a game with a friend or relative
  39. Design a closet organization system
  40. Find a new way to wear your hair
  41. Set up apps that help with your productivity
  42. Organize your house to minimize the time it takes to get ready in the morning
  43. Do your taxes or other drudgery paperwork ahead of time

And, if all else fails, start planning one of your epic life goals or get in touch with Susie to talk about how to really figure out what you want and what’s stopping you. 🙂