Life List To Do’s The Day the World Ends

Get a life list at SuperViva and live each day like it's your lastIf you’re like me you already live each day like it’s your last. So the day the world ends really isn’t that different from any other. I’m pretty confident we will be here tomorrow and for many years. So are most experts on the world-ending matter.

But say that day did come. Here’s my short list of how to prepare:

  1. Tell your loved ones you love them just like you should all the time.
  2. Do the little things that make you happy. Smell the flowers. Play with your dog.
  3. Meditate on the life you’ve lived so well. Might as well try to make sense of it all!
  4. Have sex. At the very least you’ll burn off a little steam. At the very most you’ll have a very nice steamy end to the world.
  5. Know I’m thinking of you. You’re not alone…even if we’ve never met.

What not to do the day the world ends

  1. Shop for new clothes. Your birthday suit is enough.
  2. Watch the world end on TV. Life is not a spectator sport, and you never could have dreamed “being part of the world ending” as a life list item. So get out there and enjoy…whatever happens.
  3. Try to do everything on your bucket list. (Focus on the things that will really make you happy.)
  4. Over eat. Over drink. Really, you know you’ll have tomorrow to regret it.
  5. Text while driving. Be careful — you don’t want to be the one ending your own world or someone else’s.


Man on Cadillac Mountain
From a SuperViva user: “I just saw your album “People doing life list things” and I love it! I use the website to track my list. Thank you for maintaining the site! Here’s a pic of me @ Mt Cadillac in Maine, working on my goal of visiting all 50 states! “