Lessons in Love, Money and Synchronicity

Today Ben Stein wrote an adorable article called Lessons in Love, by Way of Economics for the New York Times.

One point that he missed is: Sometimes it’s just a crapshoot and if you take the right gamble you could win—in love and money. Stocks or real estate in an area can go up for some fuzzy reason you might not have anticipated.

luvbirdsGot to be in the right place at the right time, as exemplified by a recent chat with an old friend:

G: I’m great…in the middle of wedding planning, which is actually fun to do.

Susie: YOUR wedding????

G: Yup. I’m totally in love, over the moon.

Susie: Wow. How did you meet again?

G: She actually came to a performance of one of my plays.
She was introduced to me afterward, but not told I was the playwright. She went on and on about how much she loved it, asking me if I felt the same way. I told her I’d really enjoyed it, then she went her own way. A few minutes later, someone told her I was the playwright, and she rushed back over…But that was all. A few months later, I ran into her at another theater — we’d both gone to see the same show — and we just didn’t want to stop talking. So we didn’t. I asked her to marry me in the first theater we met in. (I got the keys and snuck her in when it was closed.)

Get out the hankies….
G: And I feel like she loves me for who I am, not for some idea of who I’m supposed to be. Which is how I feel about her.

You’ve just got to keep your eyes, heart, and investment portfolio open in case the right thing comes along. Here’s hoping…