Inspiration From Flash Mobs

Back in the ’90s before the Internet connected most of the world, the idea of people dancing synchronously around the world plied my imagination. This was back wen the concept of a life list had only just begun to gel in my mind–the idea that it was ridiculous to wait until you find out you’re dying to start living. Here’s my little manifesto of hope:

“What I’m referring to is doing things that other people will replicate and spread, much like a pyramid scheme only one of spirituality and hope. So what does that mean? Go to the top, the president or maybe even to Jay Leno, and get them to herald the cry to stop, look around, smell a flower, or dance to a song that every radio station in the world plays simultaneously.”

“That is, get the United Nations to all agree on a song at one time. Oh yes, maybe those non-UN countries might not follow but surely with the Internet broadcast and MTV, I’ll cover 98% of the known population. That’s it–a live broadcast of a brand with a drum beat that’s continued through thousands of drum troupes worldwide, all orchestrated through the Internet.”

“Well that will require some planning.” And that is where I left it until inspired souls around the world made the flash mob a wonderfully common thing.