Important SuperViva Status Message: Carpe diem !

The SuperViva website as we have known it since January 2006 is no longer with us. Much us, the website aged. And much like some of us, it didn’t keep up with technology for a combination of reasons (for which Susie accepts all responsibility!)

We shut the website down June 22, 2013 after attempts at resuscitation. It had a good life, as one can only expect from an inspirational website that was cutting-edge at the time, all developed through Elance resources out of Susie’s pocketbook. 🙂

What does the shut down mean for you, a SuperViva user? All of the data is intact. We are going to work on contacting SuperViva users to offer to send you your life list as a file.

Please Help With This Effort

Developers cost money and I’d love the help of those for whom I created SuperViva — people like you needing inspiration. Thanks for any help you can give:

In the meantime, find out what you really want

Even more importantly than the idea of figuring out your goals SuperViva, Susie is coaching people on how to diststill and achieve their goals, starting with what may be blocking you from progress. Read more about Susie’s services and please subscribe to the Dot Connections newsletter in the right column.

Thank you for being a part of an important movement that has resulted in marriages, deep friendships and peak experiences for many people.

Again, your help either donating development skills or money will accelerate the next version of SuperViva for us all!