I founded SuperViva to give you inspiration for life

I don’t know how Seth Godin does it, but his little daily posts uncannily relate to my life.

Today he posed the question: “If you were brave enough to leap, who would you choose to ‘used to be’?”

As those who had lists on SuperViva, you know the site went down. And didn’t go back up. I had the chance to choose whether to re-create the site or not. One day I may build a similar app. For now I used to be the person behind SuperViva who now is taking care of follow up for folks.

In 2008, the site was having problems, and Seth’s book The Dip somehow came into my life. At that time I considered shutting the site down but instead invested more in it. One day I’ll write the whole story.

I can’t recommend subscribing to Seth’s blog enough if you appreciate bursts of perspective on life, marketing and business.

used to be