Get Organized to Write a Novel in National Novel Writing Month

Twas 2006 when I settled into my laptop to let the fingers fly on November 1st, determined to write my 50,000 word novel – quantity over quality – for NaNoWriMo in 30 days. After writing a number of pages, I suddenly realized I had no idea where the book was going. Then an aha moment struck. My mystery plot all came together. I put together characters, an outline, and while a lot of rambling filler came into play, I felt pretty good about it.

Like most NaNoWriMo “winners” who complete their self-competition to write the book, I haven’t gone back to edit it. This month I may cheat and write a non-fiction book. Here I share my research and personal experience of all the cool available tools to make your novel writing easier this year:

  1. Write by speaking, using SIRI on your iPhone or some other voice translation tool. What more fun could a book made out of non-sensical interpretations of a voice translation tool be?
  2. Use Google Docs to write your book from anywhere including from your phone so throughout the day instead of updating Facebook or texting you can add to your book.
  3. Use Evernote with a Moleskine Smart Notebookto write your book by hand. All at the risk of permanent hand damage; but I love this idea and have such a notebook. You write by hand then can snap a picture of the page. Evernote digitizes your text so it’s searchable.You can couple using your by hand writing with using Evernote to organize your outline and even write your book.
  4. Join a local NaNoWriMo writers forum for online and sometimes in-person community as you crank out thousands of words a night.
  5. Add a goal to write your novel in 2012 to your SuperViva life list.

Create your novel now!

National Novel Writing Month example writing schedule
Tough love, showing how much you need to write every day. For the non-working NaNoWriMo is a great opportunity to finally write that novel you’ve been wanting to!

I wrote this list on my Evernote Smart Notebook, snapped a photo, sent it to Evernote and now it’s digitized and searchable.



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