Do Vision Board Life Collages Really Work?

My friends reluctantly accepted my invitation to a party where we were to make collages, by cutting up magazines, of what we wanted this year.

Over and over I heard: “What should I put on my collage? I can’t think of anything.”

Once we sat down with plates of food and relaxing beverages, their fears drifted away. Here’s a photo of one collage, made by a stay at home mother with 2 kids.

And now just a week later she’s thinking of business ideas and planning 2 trips. “This is going to be my year of travel!” she’s gleefully exclaimed several times. Maybe it was all the glue.

I’m Too Cool to Collage

OK so maybe you’re not into goal setting. Maybe you’re not into parties. Maybe the idea of making a collage seems girlish or childish. It is. Who cares. Make one even if you don’t consider yourself girlish or childish. What have you got to lose? Here’s an article about throwing a collaging party. Please get in touch once stuff you’d put on your collage starts happening. (It will!!!!!)

collage party

2009 Collage Party: Reduce Reuse Reinvigorate

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to come to parties, but whenever it’s a collaging party, there’s usually a good turnout.

Despite the fact that there are still piles of magazines and poster board lying around, even a week later people are talking about how much fun it was.

I decided to make a minimal collage since I love the ones from last year so much and so many of my goals are the same.

2 thoughts on “Do Vision Board Life Collages Really Work?

  1. My collage looks even better on the internet. Thanks for the inspiration and party! It’s amazing what comes out (and gets left off) the collage. Here’s to 2008!

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