Do Something That Makes You Supremely Happy Today

jimiOften in women’s groups and magazines when I read about treating yourself well or making time for yourself, it entails yoga, bubble baths, chocolate, or shopping. Not me!

Well not today anyway. Somehow this morning I started thinking about Jimi Hendrix, the one musician if I could go back in time I’d be sure to see.

My treat to myself this morning is listening to Jimi Hendrix on Pandora (a great, free Internet “jukebox” site) and reading an amazing Rolling Stone Magazine article The Legend of Jimi Hendrix, that details so colorfully his ascent to fame that I feel like I’m watching a movie.

So think what will make you really smile and be happy. And go for it. Meanwhile I’ve decided to revisit the idea of going to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp , one of my life list goals, although I’d probably have more fun watching it than participating (unless Jimi comes back for an encore, just to play with me).

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