Love Story Thanks to a Goals List

Happy new year! Way to get 2011 off to a great start, a SuperViva member shared this story – which is not the first time I’ve heard about couples connecting by sharing their SuperViva lists! I wanted to let you know that three years ago, when I met my boyfriend, SuperViva is one of the […]

I always wanted to have chickens (Not)

I’m having a ball compiling the ideas people provided for 75 Things a Woman Should Do in Her Life and can’t wait to get it online. (I got sidetracked with a list of things to do in winter, just in time for the solstice!) I had to share a nugget from one response advocating chickens, […]

Write Your Novel in November’s NaNoWriMo !

It’s been two years since I wrote my NaNoWriMo novel, and while this year I’m sitting it out, it’s a great time to dive into that novel you’ve been meaning to bang out. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is all about quantity, not quality. It’s a contest against time and yourself. And if you’ve ever […]

Volcanoes, Marshmallows, and Efficiently Achieving Goals

Longtime SuperViva fan and supporter Heathervescent checked her SuperViva life list before a trip to Hawaii…and here’s what she found. Her planning reminds me of the smart 16 year old who achieved numerous goals on a trip to New York. Multiple Goals Make a Good Case for a Big Trip! If you need to rationalize […]

Dreaming of Being a Blue Man ?

If you’re watched one too many Arrested Development episodes where Tobias dresses up in Blue Man paint, perhaps you’re wondering how and if you too can become a Blue Man! Well NPR recently featured a story on how to audition for the Blue Man Group. Be the first to add this goal to your life […]

Top 10 Goals List Leads 21 Year Old to Success

Inc. Magazine has a great profile of an entrepreneur who found success by focusing on his goals, after reading The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale: “Flat broke at the age of 21, Joe Cirulli made a list of 10 things he wanted to accomplish in life. One by one, he pulled them […]

Expand Your Horizons as a Fish Out of Water

A friend taking an Intercultural Communications class has assignment to experience being a “fish out of water.” Many already do this while traveling. But how often do you do this near home? I loved this idea, both as a growth experience to understand and feel more comfortable among diverse groups, as well as for potentially […]

Where the Hell Is Matt: The Must See Video of the Year

Spontaneous dancing around the world becomes an internet sensation. I want to be like Matt when I grow up.

Life Ideas – Public Summer Brainstorm Experiment

This week we enjoyed “Spare the Air day” in the San Francisco Bay Area, with free transportation until noon. On a rare very warm summer day, this means jam-packed transportation. Which made for a perfect day for my Free Ideas Brainstorm experiment. My goal: To see if perfect strangers would engage in brainstorms on whatever […]

Breast Cancer Survivor Living Large With Her Life List

I’m so excited to meet Shelly77, a new SuperViva member, who has a great story to tell about why you should start living TODAY and not wait until after an illness diagnosis: I had breast cancer that was dignosed a few days before my 29th birthday. The good news is that I’m cancer free and […]