Want to make this your best year? Here’s how I do it.

Originally posted in December, 2006. It’s New Years. Time for resolutions? Or time for something different? What if this year you made ASPIRATIONS instead of RESOLUTIONS? What if you focused on things you want to DO and experience rather than a narrow set of problems? For the last seven years, I’ve done just that. I […]

Get Organized to Write a Novel in National Novel Writing Month

Twas 2006 when I settled into my laptop to let the fingers fly on November 1st, determined to write my 50,000 word novel – quantity over quality – for NaNoWriMo in 30 days. After writing a number of pages, I suddenly realized I had no idea where the book was going. Then an aha moment […]

How Not to Paint a House Stairway

‘Twas before dawn when I rose, fired up the stove, and brewed a cup of coffee while pulling out the gloves, white primer paint, chopstick to stir the primer (because the paint store was out of stirring sticks, of all things), some newspaper, and a rag in preparation to paint the “risers” on a stairway […]

Inspiration From Flash Mobs

Back in the ’90s before the Internet connected most of the world, the idea of people dancing synchronously around the world plied my imagination. This was back wen the concept of a life list had only just begun to gel in my mind–the idea that it was ridiculous to wait until you find out you’re […]

And So Began La Tomatina!

Some people, like me, came to Spain just to throw tomatoes in La Tomatina. Others happened to be in Valencia or Barcelona and heard about La Tomatina. Whatever the case, we all had the tomato fight of a lifetime. More to come later…but I am so happy to achieve my big adventure goal for the […]

To do before they die …

Just read that Les Paul has passed away. A few years ago I achieved my goal to see Les Paul play, along with meeting an interesting fellow from an old school punk band. I wasn’t that into Les Paul but it was a great experience anyway, sitting so close he could have kicked me in […]

Go for the Fulfilling Goals Like a Beach of Glass

This weekend I achieved a very long time goal to visit Glass Beach. I’d known about this beach for years, but it was always off my beaten path. One year I got pretty close to it but for some reason didn’t get quite to the town where the beach is, Fort Bragg. Finally over 4th […]

Drive a Porsche – Check!

Goals to drive particular cars seem small in the big picture, but boy can they be rewarding! For some reason it took me nearly 3 years after listing Drive a Porsche on my life list to actually do it. (Porsches appear in various flavors on many lists!) Maybe a couple of times during those 3 […]

Almost 100,000 Goals !

I’m so excited, only a few hundred life goals to be listed before SuperViva hits the 100,000 mark. Sure that may sound like peanuts to some websites but it’s still very exciting to imagine the “net effect” that SuperViva may have had on many people whether on just 1 thing they may have thought about […]

April is National Poetry Month – A New Game

Last year in April I wrote some dumb poem So this year I’ll try something new right from home There’s a cool thing on Facebook To black out newspapers And write a short poem That somehow rhymes with newspapers Read more about newspaper blackout poems on Austin Kleon’s amazing blog I just discovered.  Become a […]