A dead simple way to track your goals and memories

Spreadsheets might be the easiest way to track lots of goals. And spreadsheets you can access on your phone or from your computer increase the chance you’ll actually use what you set up to track your goals and jot down memories. One Google spreadsheet to track things you want to do AND memorable events and […]

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

A fascinating new book Heart. Smarts. Guts. and Luck. rolls up four types of entrepreneurs to help those who have tried to start businesses or are thinking about it to understand how you approach decisions, business, and life. Think of it as the enneagram for business! Take the online test.

Ways to Make Your New Years Life List

I love to help people think about their life goals and try writing them, or making a collage, to see how it can change you life. Someone once commented that “The aspect of SuperViva. I love the most is getting ideas by browsing other people’s goals – that has been really useful for me, to […]

How to Make Fans and Influence People

The Open Forum business blog has a detailed and clever analysis about what went right with the Obama election campaign. In Dale Carnegie Meets Barack Obama: Winning Friends And Influencing People In A Web 2.0 World, Brent Leary observes the parallels between how the campaign managers used video, word of mouth marketing, and other tools […]

How Do You Want to Be Remembered – In 2 Words

In reading about the sudden passing of Tim Russert, who questioned the powerful and influential as moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” one thing in particular caught my eye. Brian Williams called him “aggressively unfancy.” Why do I love that? It’s like the brand mantra, a company’s guiding statement, which Guy Kawasaki espouses. Only it […]

Increase Your Return On Your Investments So You Can Work Less

You probably have a few goals on your life list to learn things. A new language? Guitar? Should one of your goals be to learn about investing? A few years ago I got the religion that if I learned how to maximize return on the money in my savings accounts, I could retire earlier. Duh! […]

Do Vision Board Life Collages Really Work?

My friends reluctantly accepted my invitation to a party where we were to make collages, by cutting up magazines, of what we wanted this year. Over and over I heard: “What should I put on my collage? I can’t think of anything.” Once we sat down with plates of food and relaxing beverages, their fears […]

Free Online Classes from MIT for Artists, Writers, Teachers Etc

Did you know that MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) offers classes beyond the rocket scientist-computer-multimedia variety but also for artists, elementary school educators, colorists, aspiring urban planners, wheelchair designers, business people, rock climbers, and even chefs? Better yet, many of these are free to download for your learning pleasure (the perfect thing to do if […]

Innovative Techniques for Planning Your 2008

Innovator’s Digest focuses on innovation within business; but their Technique-of-the-Week tips easily apply to improving your own life. Here are 3 fun and useful exercises that will help you prep for 2008: Predict next year’s headlines—with the headlines being about you! What might happen in 2008? This technique allows you to identify where you truly […]

Finding Work That Matters As Your Next Career or After Retirement

Someone asked the Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal the eternal question: How do I find my passion and work that relates to my passion? Their helpful answer also mentions Civic Ventures, an organization offering brilliant resources for people considering career changes, especially later in life: Encore.org helps professionals and executives find “encore” careers that match their […]