Writing a Bucket List is How The Bucket List Came to Be!

On Instant Netflix there is a very well edited movie called Tales from the Script that’s about the trials, successes and tribulations of screenplay writers. One interview was of Justin Zackham about how The Bucket List came to be. The short answer: He made a list of things he wanted to do before he died […]

Amazing Mom Turned Entrepreneur Story

I’ve followed the progress of Lynn turning an idea into a business. It’s taken follow through, risks of rejection and a simple idea. Within months her greeting card business – Across the Line Cards has blossomed…and the future is TBD. The important thing is she is making  it happen! (See an article in the local […]

Why Make a Goal List? A 17-Year Life Lister Tells All

I recently became acquainted with Vic (aka Vienesse), a longtime SuperViva member, who has had a life list since 1991. After a number of conversations, I realized that his approach to life and living with a life list could be of great interest. He’s an “every day” kind of guy who has a well-rounded, happy, […]

A Goal to be a Movie Extra Achieved! Completely Randomly.

The phone rings at 3pm on Tuesday. “Want to be an extra in a Danny Glover movie?” my friend asks. “Can you be at the African American Art and Culture Complex in San Francisco by 5:30?” Considering I had a goal to be an extra in a movie on my life list, I didn’t have […]

Breast Cancer Survivor Living Large With Her Life List

I’m so excited to meet Shelly77, a new SuperViva member, who has a great story to tell about why you should start living TODAY and not wait until after an illness diagnosis: I had breast cancer that was dignosed a few days before my 29th birthday. The good news is that I’m cancer free and […]

Major Life List Success Story – At 16 !

Among many things, the most important goal on my list was to win a contest. I didn’t have a specific contest in mind, just something along the lines of fashion design (my dream career). I ended up putting this goal on my SuperViva LifeList….Never did I think this one goal would lead me to my […]

SuperViva Success Story: Goal to Write a Screenplay. Check!

This exciting end of 2007 success story comes from someone who started her life list about a year ago on SuperViva: For years I’ve wanted to write a screenplay. Every time I see a movie I really love, I’d say: “I wish I’d written that!” I’ve even had partial outlines (plus one complete outline) for […]

SuperViva Member Uses Life Lists to Change Her Life and the World

Tara joined SuperViva in 2006, and from the get-go saw the positive effects of making a life list. For one thing, it helped her decide to become a counselor. Here are some recent stories she shared with me: I’ve really found Superviva useful, especially recently as last year I finally met someone worth dating seriously […]

SuperViva Success: Busy Mom Lets SuperViva Be Her Guide

A doctor and a mother, SuperViva member Countrydoc sent this wonderful story about how she focuses on priorities using her life list: “A friend is lending us a camp, which is just 15 minutes from our house, so we’ll actually be taking our first family vacation. i have superviva to thank! i only do stuff […]

An Audacious Goal-Setting Success Story

Business Week said it right when they described Bill Bartmann’s career as “one of seized opportunities.” Bartmann, now 58, became a coach fairly recently based on his life experiences. I was impressed (or astounded) that he’s set goals to make $100 million in a year as a motivational coach, the majority coming from $100,000 earnings […]