A Rags to Riches Family Business Success Story

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The Costco Connection magazine often has in-depth interviews with successful businesses and famous consultants, making it a surprisingly informative and interesting “life management” type of publication. This month they featured a long story about the Sugarbowl Bakery and how the … Continued

I Want to Fly !

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Skydiving bah humbug. Hang gliding…for wimps. Paragliding, as if. My new goal is to FLY like a flying squirrel or bat, inspired by this great video about wingsuit flying. Are you in? (Add a goal to go wingsuit flying to … Continued

Great Jobs for Women Over 40

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Inspired by a MORE Magazine article on 10 Great Jobs for Midlife Women, here’s a list off the top of my head of some interesting jobs requiring “smarts, savvy, and experience” that I’m guessing either have real potential…or that I … Continued