How Airbnb Kicks Off Your Bucket List Travel AND Income Goals

For the past year I’ve met cool people from around the world (one of my lifetime life list goals!) by renting a space through Airbnb (fulfilling another life list goal to have a rental property). I’ve stayed at Airbnb rentals and have played host to 50 or so guests. Here’s a bit of what I’ve […]

Earn Real Money for Virtual Goods

Crowd Flower’s “labor on demand” service you can make cash money or virtual money (like for Farmville) doing fun little tasks online.

Remaking Your Life in a Small Town

When tossing old papers recently, I came across an April 2005 Sunset Magazine article about Bizbee Arizona, an eclectic small down I was always curious to visit. Almost more fascinating than the article (viewable in PDF) was the sidebar about “remaking your life.” Short and sweet, it touches upon how, if you want to “simplify” […]

Living Minimally – A Trend Worth Following

In But Will It Make You Happy? the New York Times sheds light on the result of living a simple life with very few belongings. “While the current round of stinginess may simply be a response to the economic downturn, some analysts say consumers may also be permanently adjusting their spending based on what they’ve […]

Travel This Summer or Year Round On the Cheap

A recent post by Tim Ferriss (of Four Hour Work Week fame) makes a very thorough case with lots of tips on how you can embark on your dream travels – or even spend you life achieving your travel goals as part of your everyday life. “Indeed, the freedom to go vagabonding has never been […]

A Rags to Riches Family Business Success Story

The Costco Connection magazine often has in-depth interviews with successful businesses and famous consultants, making it a surprisingly informative and interesting “life management” type of publication. This month they featured a long story about the Sugarbowl Bakery and how the Ly family went from Vietnam to Very successful. Check it out if you have a […]

I Want to Fly !

Skydiving bah humbug. Hang gliding…for wimps. Paragliding, as if. My new goal is to FLY like a flying squirrel or bat, inspired by this great video about wingsuit flying. Are you in? (Add a goal to go wingsuit flying to your life list!) Or better yet, have you done this? If you like having dreams […]

Great Jobs for Women Over 40

Inspired by a MORE Magazine article on 10 Great Jobs for Midlife Women, here’s a list off the top of my head of some interesting jobs requiring “smarts, savvy, and experience” that I’m guessing either have real potential…or that I find a little amusing: 1. Assisted living anything. Any role related to assisted living, including […]

How to Make Fans and Influence People

The Open Forum business blog has a detailed and clever analysis about what went right with the Obama election campaign. In Dale Carnegie Meets Barack Obama: Winning Friends And Influencing People In A Web 2.0 World, Brent Leary observes the parallels between how the campaign managers used video, word of mouth marketing, and other tools […]

I Never Wanted to Watch the World Series

There are many things I’ve always wanted to do—none involving baseball goals. But when my friends invited me to a walking distance bar to watch the World Series, how could I refuse? The bar turned out to be THE bar of choice for Philly fans. So it was fun to see my friends on the […]