Carpe Synchronicity – Follow Up is Key

This morning as I exited an elevator, I saw a guy in a motorcycle getup and thought “That looks a little like Craig…but it couldn’t be.” and went on my merry way.

A little while later, to my surprise, I received an email from Craig – a former coworker I hadn’t seen in over 10 years who I’d been trying to get together with for the past year. “Just out of curiosity, I’m wondering where you work ’cause I think I saw you the other day.”

Bingo! Moments later we happily reunited, laughing about our doubts we had really seen each other.

The author’s messages:

  • If you don’t ask you’ll never know.
  • When you follow up on seemingly strange coincidences, magic can happen!
  • And meeting face to face is so much better.