How to Make and Manage a Life List

(originally published August 17, 2008)

From my experience building a bucket list-making site SuperViva (no longer with us), I culled together a few ideas for how to list, update and track your life goals, big and small.

Option Cost Pros Cons
Paper (journal, notebook) Very low It’s creative and tactile You could lose it!Gets messy over time, requiring rewriting; although this could be a pro, for your creative process.

Very hard to track and reorganize.

Online or computer text editor (private blog post, Google doc) Free Very simple, easy to cut and paste. Private, if you choose to make it so. Fairly static
Excel (on computer) or Google Docs spreadsheet (online) – See the Google form I set up so you can get started right away Free Classic way of organizing a life list, you can add categories in columns and check off as you go, add dates done etc. No cons if you mainly want privacy
To Do list or bucket list apps on your phone or online applications (Remember the Milk for example) Free Very simple (although more oriented to daily type tasks) I’m not sure how well you can categorize and how easily a long list would be to manage.
Public blogs or message boards, where people list their life lists. Free If it’s a vibrant community this can be a quick simple way to connect with other people to help you. Realistically this works best if you’re working on a couple of particular goals. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for a lifetime list unless it’s your own blog.

Do you keep your life list / bucket list some other way?