About SuperViva Life Lists

The Original Interactive Life List Website

I created SuperViva.com in 2005, using my own money, scoping out the site, and hiring developers and designers (through Elance, pre-Odesk!) to create the first bucket list website that allowed for public and private goals — a Netflix for life goal ideas and lists.

While it changed the lives of many people for the better, like many “Web 2.0” websites, it was not profitable, aged, and so I made the tough decision to shut it down.

In the meantime, I achieved many of my new goals including getting into food business as a career and writing a book to help many people start food businesses.

Note to SuperViva Members

Your life lists are safe. Here’s how to request your life list.

If you need inspiration right now, I would love to coach you through what you really desire and what may be stopping you. Working with me will also help fund the next generation SuperViva-like site. A win for all!

All my best,

Susie Wyshak