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SuperViva.com came to life in 2006 as a perpetual life inspiration machine, with the mantra: Inspiration for Life! That’s a double entendre: inspiring for living. And inspiration for a lifetime. It was a personal project developed by an experienced Internet marketer (non-developer) at a time when “a team of young guys” were creating Twitter and the like.

The vision to inspire people definitely worked. The business model of funding through ads not so much. Now (December 2013) a crowd funding campaign is underway to build a new user interface (maybe an app) to make the many thousands of life goals people listed available to the many thousands of people…and new ones too…who loved SuperViva.

How SuperViva and the Life List Idea Cme About

From an article Esquire printed on 175 Things a Man Should Do Before He Dies sprang my first life list. Boy was that fun, a list of things to do before I was 40, 50, dead. (I’m still waiting for a man to shave my legs.) I had the idea of an online life list community while working at AOL and got great feedback from execs like Ted Leonsis.

The pitch: match people’s goals to ads and content. They’ll be happy to find stuff to help them achieve their goals!

Nowadays this sounds “no duh.” Back then it was new, maybe too different.

Then a little thing called cancer (I’m now ship shape) came to visit, and I decided to focus my attention and pocketbook on creating this open-source based website…to live forever, inspiring people. I hired talent through Elance, and brought it to life thanks to hard work and the generous feedback, maintenance, support and promotion of many friends.

Today SuperViva needs to become a community endeavor, or at least one maintained by a team of techies. I’d love to be involved as a changework coach, helping people unblock to achieve their longtime big goals.

On this blog, for 8 years I wrote posts, related to achieving life goals and living a great life. Nowadays I’m writing more on optimal life strategy at SusieWyshak.com, and I will for sure post updates about SuperViva here.

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Susie Wyshak

Feedback and Press on SuperViva.com (veresion 1.0 shut down in June 2013)

A roundup of SuperViva members, other bloggers, and websites mentioning SuperViva.

SuperViva Member Feedback

“The aspect of SuperViva I love the most is getting ideas by browsing other people’s goals – that has been really useful for me, to help inspire me to achieve some new things. I also love having the list of achieved goals – it was great browsing other people’s and thinking “Hey, I’ve done that already!” and checking it off.”


“I have to say that Superviva really helped me get through a rough spot in my life. The mid 40’s crisis hit me like a ton of bricks. Somehow I found Superviva and started adding a few goals. Then I started to notice people hoping to do things that I had already done. I started checking off those things and pretty soon I realized that I had done a lot in my life. It really helped me change my outlook on life. For that I thank you. – Wayne”

“I’m just so excited to finally find something like this. I started a life list years ago when I was looking for direction, and I love the idea that so many more people will find out how much this can help them!” -Tara

I found Superviva after doing a search for the best sites for tracking goals last January. It came highly recommended with good reviews and best of all it was free. I tried a few different sites and the reason I went with Superviva was because of the ease in prioritizing my goals. This allowed me to sort by the highest priority and tackle the most urgent tasks first. It also allowed me to give a goal a lower priority or remove it altogether. Finally, I liked marking goals as done and going back to review all of the things that I had accomplished. I recommended the site to a few friends after trying it for a while.

I spent all of January checking off all of those nagging goals that I had never got around to doing and I felt so much better after getting those off of my mind. I’m going to devote every January to start my year off right.

Thanks to Superviva for helping me get on track!

James in Sacramento

“The aspect of SuperViva I love the most is getting ideas by browsing other people’s goals – that has been really useful for me, to help inspire me to achieve some new things. I also love having the list of achieved goals – it was great browsing other people’s and thinking “Hey, I’ve done that already!” and checking it off – there are so many things people have the opportunity to do in their lives without realising that what they have done was one of someone else’s dreams, and that it is an achievement worth celebrating.” -User: Sassamifrass

“Superviva.com is an awesome site. Everything is laid out well and easy to use. I’m also a big lister. One day I realized that I should put it all in one spot. So I got a huge poster board and filled it up. Now with superviva I can throw that eyesore out and use this cool website. If I keep checking back and putting effort into my goals this will be the best year yet. You’ll never know how much you have all helped me.”


“Just wanted to write and tell you that I LOVE my SuperViva Life List. I look at it every morning and use it to either prioritize my work day or remind me to chill out and have fun.

I find it very inspiring, very motivational and it really works. Apart from the satisfaction of achieving some big goals (and the relief of using it to end procrastination re some less glamorous goals), I’ve been using my SuperViva list to redesign my whole approach to life: adding more leisure and fun, healthier habits, a more doable Bigger Picture and plenty of “baby step” ways to constantly raise my self-esteem and self-awareness.

And all that good stuff is flowing from my Life List into my life, for real.”
-User: Aussiewill

“I added a few more SuperViva list items tonight. Fun to watch it accrete, like watching your life spread out before you in both directions. Nice that it helps you focus on the GOOD things in life–the good memories, the future goals. So much of life is about filtering.”

Press and Blog Love

Spring Daydreams in the Well Fed Network

“I think this is a great tool because it makes goal setting fun and interactive. Want to lose 10 pounds or eat more greens or do yoga 3 times a week? Put it on your SuperViva list. Let the excitement and energy of spring push you towards dreaming bigger about your health and your life.”

Agile Personal Development – A great story about a first-time SuperViva user’s experience in making a life list:

“Setting up my account was pretty easy, within 30 seconds I was ready to start adding goals! I started off with looking at the most popular goals to get some ideas. I ended up with about 25 of them right away….One of the interesting things when you go through this exercise is seeing all the goals that you don’t want to do. For me, this list included ‘learn how to throw shotput’, ‘get waxed’, and my personal favorite – ‘have mirrors on all my walls’. ”
Read more

“I had just watched ‘The Secret’ when my friend sent me a link to SuperViva. I found it to be a wonderful place on the internet. Initially, I had thought about not marking my goals done…but then I asked myself “is that the message ‘The Secret’ sent to me?” The answer was in recalling the author telling people to imagine themselves – REALLY imagining driving that new car. And, the best way to achieve your goals is to see yourself doing them and having done them.”

“Among many things, the most important goal on my list was to win a contest. I didn’t have a specific contest in mind, just something along the lines of fashion design (my dream career). I ended up putting this goal on my SuperViva LifeList….Never did I think this one goal would lead me to my very first real-life adventure!” See more

“Once again off to scratch off a goal on superviva. We’re heading down to union which is 2 hr away for a fair. one of the nurses said it was her favorite, so we shall see!”

“I just come across your site tonight and absolutely love it! This is one of the best sites I’ve come across in a LONG time.” – Jennelle

“Superviva.com is a website I visit nearly every day. I’m in college but I want to have a variety of careers over my lifetime….I want to live an exciting and charmed life. It has really helped me in so many ways and gets me really motivated to get my goals done. I love how everyone can share their ideas and how I can get ideas from other people.” -Jennifer aka holiday

“I’ve just spent a wonderful afternoon dreaming about the life I really want to lead, and then taking the first step towards action by making my SuperViva list!” -visioneer (a life coach)

Random Stuff
in the Knights of the Shag Carpet blog
“I went wild and crazy and bought a planner today. I also signed up for this site http://www.superviva.com. It offers a place to list your “life list” and sends weekly prompts. No doubt these prompts will be just something else to fill up my e-mail in box, like the Flylady newsletters I have been getting every day for the last year since I resolved to take better care of my house.”

(Very amusing 🙂 -Susie)

“I love it, and so far have passed it along to my best friend who then passed it along to her sister. I love lists, and am very excited to have another venue to use to explore my ideas and life plans.” -a member

Blogosphere and Press

1/19/07: Toledo Blade published List of a lifetime: Writing down your goals and dreams helps make them come true

1/14/07: USA Today mentioned SuperViva in an article about The Bucket List

Lisa Peake of Davidco.com wrote in Someday maybe…:
“The feature I liked most about it is that you can easily mark an item on your list “Active” or “Backburner”. The backburner seems to me another way of saying, I still like this thought enough to keep it, but I just don’t have the resources to commit to it right now. It can take some courage to move that fantastically cool idea OFF your “To-Do” list and over to your Someday/Maybe/Backburner list because then you have to trust that sometime in the future you will have more time, more energy, or more money; and that you will get to some of those cool ideas.”

Review in Ideahub Blog
“SuperViva is one of the most impressive self-improvement ideablogs I’ve seen so far and the one that recognizes that what the site/service is really about is managing your ideas to help you lead a better life.”

womenswallstreet.com newsletter
“We think late in the year (you know, pre-resolution time) is great time to put [a life list] together. Want to take your list cyber? Check out sites like 43Things.com and SuperViva.com.”

“Superviva is a site that helps you list and track your life’s goals, like, “Go to SXSW every year.”

Thoughts from Lockergnome
“With this service, you can envision what you want your life to be like and then add the goals that you have to a nicely organized list.”

A Life List
in the Just Some Thoughts blog

“The plan is to have an aim so you don’t spend time running around in a circle.”

“Love the site. I wish you the very best helping people find their way. Your site represents one of the best ways that the Internet can help us share our gifts.” -Jennifer Louden

“Just feeling connected and loved—a sense of belonging—is certainly a purpose of social networks, but eventually you graduate from that into self-actualization, and that’s what SuperViva is all about. It’s clearly designed not to be just a place to dream, but to actually help people accomplish life goals.” -Scott Allen, editor of the About.com Entrepreneurs Guide and “The Virtual Handshake”

“I love it. I’m going to be spending some time there keeping track of my goals. At first glance, it felt 43-thingsish, but it’s for a somewhat different audience and most importantly–you don’t need to make things public. Even if you don’t think you’re in the “What Should I Do With My Life” category, it’s a great place to check out.” – Kathy Sierra of Wickedly Smart (post)

I’ve gotta story, you’ve gotta story, we’ve all gotta story to tell…
in the Life in the Loft blog

“How excited was I when I discovered this site called SUPERVIVA which helps you make a life (or weekly/daily) goal list and even connects you to other people who want to do similar things. I’m pretty fascinated by it and keep thinking of things to add…”

Realize Your Dreams
The Breast Blog: Information to empower today’s breast cancer survivors

“SuperViva.com is one cool site that is helping thousands of people realize their dreams.”