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As a lifelong photographer who shot many scrumptious food photos while at Foodzie, and armed with a beautiful Nikon DSLR, I’m ready willing and able to shoot photos in trade or for a nominal amount of dough / bread / clams.

I shot the Heritage Fire pics for Epicuring and was delighted the SF Chronicle’s website featured a slideshow using my photos.

My Approach

  • highlight your brand and product at its best, with minimal props
  • consider the context in which the photos will be appearing
  • use natural light
  • try to achieve “perfection” in the photo itself rather than depend on a lot of Photoshopping. OK I’m old school.

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2 of My Favorite Things Have to Do With Food and Fingers

Finger limes and cashew fingers…who knew fingers were such a food phenomenon.

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Shanley Farms finger limes - photo by Susie Wyshak AND Pin It
cashew baklava fingers - photo by Susie Wyshak

Here’s a selection of my many thousands of photos from Flickr. Click a photo to enlarge…

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