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Craving a Passionate, Smart Food Business Partner?

If you’re starting a food product business or have a farm product that already has rave reviews — Congratulations!

“Your food world networking skills continue to amaze me!”

I know how hard it is to get a business off the ground, especially on your own. And even MORE so if you’re running the business alongside one or more other jobs. My passion is helping small artisan food entrepreneurs successfully meet their business and lifestyle goals. (You can see lots that I’ve written on

Susie Wyshak is Your Personal Strategist

Goofy though it may sound, all the food producers, coaches, and in between who heard this agreed. I’m a seeker, a researcher, and often have answers to what you need quicker than Encyclopedia Brown. As your strategist, we work together to solve your challenges and reveal the mysteries of success. Just a few services you might enjoy as part of our strategy and doc-connecting work — either through me or through referrals to my expert partners:

  • general coaching, ideation, and business support (“your right hand”)
  • marketing and research,
  • product and packaging evaluation,
  • connections to other food producers, suppliers, farms, and partners (some limited brokering / sales), and
  • helping you find whatever other answers you need.

“Thank you Susie!! You are the BEST!!! Making connections!! I love you!”

The don’ts: I don’t offer end-to-end business planning through launch but can recommend those who do!


Check it out and please get in touch to discuss your business. And I offer a “money back guarantee” if you are not satisfied. Just like I’m sure you do with your food!

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candy bar photo by susie wyshak

The Orange Bar from BonBonBar. As of this writing this no longer made bar was a wonderful representation of hand made pastry and chocolatier skills combined with local ingredients (redolent of orange flower honey and chewy with nougat made from local eggs).

bay area food photography by susiePhotos I shot of Allstar Organics herbal salts and sugars in a beautiful garden