Savoring Life With Julia Child’s Abandon

Julia Child gave us excuses to cook with vermouth. How could I resist following her recipe for living with abandon? Within hours of choosing “Rule #1: Live With Abandon,” I prepared to savor the challenge Karen Karbo put forth to bloggers to celebrate the release of her book Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life. […]

Prioritizing What To Do At Any Moment

I was perusing email with the phrase “oh ya that” popping up all too many times. Which made me mull over how we’re so often tugged in many directions, usually with minutiae nagging at us like a hungry puppy. Here’s the quick thought process I go through to determine, on the fly, what’s most urgent […]

What I Did Instead of Posting My World Domination Summit Update

If the 2013 World Domination Summit wasn’t overwhelming enough with fabulous people connecting right, left, in parks and at informal get togethers, writing a recap is well…a multi-part process, soon to emerge among the first posts on my very own blog (ending a 12 year trend of writing on other blogs rather than under my […]