You Get More Fruit Flies With Fruit

“You have a remarkable flair for the obvious.” Sometimes I don’t. And sometimes the Internet doesn’t either. And this leads to my fruit fly story. This Fall I heard I wasn’t the only one for whom clusters of flies mysteriously appeared despite my not having any food around. I went online and discovered all sorts of […]

What’s Better Than an Attitude of Gratitude ?

A practice of spreading gratitude! Yesterday Jason Womack changed my life. (You too can change someone’s life with one little comment!) I saw him speak for two days at Creative LIVE. As with other audience members, he upped my gratitude ante with an easy and rewarding idea: build acknowledgement into our days. Every night he […]

Savoring Life With Julia Child’s Abandon

Julia Child gave us excuses to cook with vermouth. How could I resist following her recipe for living with abandon? Within hours of choosing “Rule #1: Live With Abandon,” I prepared to savor the challenge Karen Karbo put forth to bloggers to celebrate the release of her book Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life. […]

Scratching an Itch: How Much Would That Pina Colada Classified Ad Have Cost?

As someone who cut her teeth on classified ads — helping “New Age” gurus place classified ads in the likes of Yoga Journal, followed by a summer stint writing vry shrt ads for the SF Chronicle via the San Francisco Newspaper Association union, then non-buzzwordy ads for a real estate agency — well, I know […]

Why Own a Home ?

Redfin asked a simple question on Facebook: What is the BEST reason to own a home? The choices: A. No landlord B. Peace of mind C. Investment D. Decorating/home design I’ve gone through buying, owning, maintaining, paying for two Bay Area homes, the first which I regretted event though it seemingly met every attribute on […]

How I Got Into the Food Business By Connecting the Dots

Back when California brie-style cheese was exotic, and chocolate truffles were a delicacy not yet spread beyond to Alice Medrich’s Berkeley chocolate shop, my life meandered from writing ads about yoga to writing ads about real estate to writing web sites about web servers. Then my life changed in 2001 when a California farmer’s market […]

Prioritizing What To Do At Any Moment

I was perusing email with the phrase “oh ya that” popping up all too many times. Which made me mull over how we’re so often tugged in many directions, usually with minutiae nagging at us like a hungry puppy. Here’s the quick thought process I go through to determine, on the fly, what’s most urgent […]

2013 World Domination Summit Recap: How I Discovered Adventure, Service, Community

Why the hell was this post so hard to write? The short answer is that I kept changing what I wanted to say. Should I recap what I learned? What I expected? Where I’m going from here? Is it about me or is it about you, the people who were there. Or the people who […]

What I Did Instead of Posting My World Domination Summit Update

If the 2013 World Domination Summit wasn’t overwhelming enough with fabulous people connecting right, left, in parks and at informal get togethers, writing a recap is well…a multi-part process, soon to emerge among the first posts on my very own blog (ending a 12 year trend of writing on other blogs rather than under my […]