What I Did Instead of Posting My World Domination Summit Update

What I Did Instead of Posting My World Domination Summit Update

If the 2013 World Domination Summit wasn’t overwhelming enough with fabulous people connecting right, left, in parks and at informal get togethers, writing a recap is well…a multi-part process, soon to emerge among the first posts on my very own blog (ending a 12 year trend of writing on other blogs rather than under my own domain!)

So what does one do if not finally complete a recap?

Answer: Live the optimal life of metaphorical world domination.

So what is this so-called “world domination?”

When people ask what this phrase means (as the border guards did more than once with travelers from abroad attempting to enter the U.S.) I usually mumble something about dominating your life, mainly doing what you want.

The official mantra: Adventure ~ Service ~ Community

#wds2013I look at ASC as a homonym (remember that word?) for “ask.” Asking is always so important, whether with strangers or people you know, to:

  • get opinions and reality checks
  • request help
  • find out more about something

Asking and offering was a huge part of the summit and it’s what makes for an optimal life as a free spirited creator, whether nomadic or firmly planted in a community.

“Adventure, service and community”  resonated with me perhaps more than anything specific said at the summit. When I first saw that mantra, I knew I’d found my “tribe,” and I secretly thought of the summit as a Burning Man without the desert and effort.

So how does ASC translate into daily life? Here’s how I chose to spend the day rather than finish my “real” recap of WDS:

  1. Counsel a friend who may be evicted from senior housing.
  2. Write at a great local cafe and visit some local businesses.
  3. Catch up with neighbors on both sides of the fence, one socially and one to majorly glean apricots, raspberries and lemons from the yard.
  4. Deal with email forwarding issues and computer backups.
  5. Plan an international voyage.
  6. Connect with many folks I met at #WDS2013 on LinkedIn and Facebook (Tess Vigeland, future talk show host extraordinaire (just my prediction) liked my post…it’s the little things like nested parentheses that count).
  7. Connect folks with each other, following up on the many promises to help fulfill their quests via introductions to possible team mates.
  8. Call my dad to offer to read an article to him.
  9. Chat with a friend by phone.
  10. Ponder a series of interesting foods for weekend parties.
  11. Prepare for a potentially awesome new assignment.
  12. Exercise via bike (combining fun with a workout).
  13. Write this post instead! It really flowed…and as they discovered in Creativity in Business, doing what’s easy, effortless and enjoyable at any one time is an unbeatable way to live.

apricotsYa my to-do list is giving me dirty looks. Yet who can ask for anything more than connecting with people and for people, communing with loved ones, enjoying each moment?

While picking the fruit, my neighbor and I exclaimed that reaching high into branches heavily weighed down with fruit is the stuff that makes life worth living. If having and taking the time to get acquainted with people nearby and enjoying our fruits isn’t world domination then you can count me out!

susie wyshak at bob's red mill
Bob Moore spoke at the World Domination Summit 2013 about how after the company burnt down he decided to rebuild and eventually make the company employee owned. What an honor to meet him on his stomping grounds, yet as I thought my opportunity had been lost. (I thought of waiting for him outside the hall in Portland, like a concert groupie.)

More to come on WDS. For now if I don’t hit PUBLISH I may just get on with my life of local  domination. 🙂